Avoid touching high-contact public surfaces at store checkouts and ATMs with this zinc alloy no touch tool

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Never touch a contaminated surface again

Only under ultraviolet light can you see how contaminated a surface really is

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Everyday Protection

Door Opener

Use this tool as a contactless door opener when pulling open doors and pulling down door handles.

Cash Machines

Despite being used by many people a day these surfaces are seldom cleaned. Withdraw cash safely using this no touch tool.

Lift Buttons

Heading back to the office? Avoid directly touching this high contact area, touched by hundreds of people a day.

Credit Card Machines

Even though the contactless limit has been increased to £45. This no touch tool allows you to enter your PIN without touching the keypad.



Please note the primary photo is for illustrative purposes only, taken under ultraviolet light. The TouchKey is 'gold' in appearance under normal lighting conditions as can be seen from the functional photos above.

Material Composition

The TouchKey is made from a zinc alloy:

Zinc 96.1%
Aluminium 3.2%
Other 0.7%

The TouchKey Pro is made from brass:

Copper 61.0%
Zinc 38.3%
Other 0.7%

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You may only purchase a maximum of three TouchKeys per order. If you are looking to make a bulk purchase please email for further information on our volume discounts.